TORONTO- LIVE NATURE Whole Village Eco Trip


The ELIC Foundation held the "LIVE NATURE" Whole Village Eco Trip in Toronto, Canada, on October 11th, as a second activity of the "LIVE NATURE" ELIC program.  

The destination was the Whole Village, an Eco Village community in Shaws Creek, Rd Caledon, Ontario, where participants learned the meaning of living in community for a better realization of our potentials. 

TORONTO- ELIC: High Park Eco Trip

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The ELIC Foundation through its Canada Delegation, held the first Ecological walk at High Park, Toronto, Canada, on August 16th.  Families with children took part in an adventurous nature walk seeing, listening and exploring new things about Mother Nature.


The topic discussed was "Analogies with Earth" and participants were able to recognize and learn about our relationship with Mother Earth and how we share more than we think with her.

Toronto: Whole Village ECO TRIP

 This Saturday 11th October we will experience the nature 


LiveNatureWholeVillageTrip 1Dear friends of The House Of Culture,

Join us for our next ecological trip to The Whole Village! This trip will be emphasizing the importance of living in community for a better realization of our potentials.

Come with your children for a guided tour by one of the community members then sit down for a healthy lunch and continue with a children and adult relaxation workshop outside on the farmland.

Guided tour: $10 per adult and children are free
Transportation is available from the House of Culture.
Please bring a towel or Yoga mat.
We will provide an ecological healthy lunch for an extra $4 per person.
We also suggest bringing water and a healthy snack.
Please call us for further details.


City of Toronto acknowledgment to the presidents of The ELIC Foundation

 In honor to the contribution of their world humanitarian work and their valuable contribution to research in education for children both in Toronto and globally


Toronto Acnowledgment MaestrosOn June 11th, 2014, at the City of Toronto, the presidents of The ELIC Foundation (Free Schools of Scientific Research for Children), received special recognition for their contribution to the regional culture in Toronto (Canada) and internationally.

CPA María Nilda Cerf Arbulú is president and founder and B.Math José Miguel Esborronda Andrade is vice-president of The ELIC Foundation.

They received two plaques: one by Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly, on behalf of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, and the other by Toronto City Councilor, César Palacio.


Toronto: High Park Eco Trip

 The topic to be discussed is Analogies with Earth


High Park Eco Trip 1Join us this Saturday, August 16th, at 1pm for our Eco trip for children and families, organized by the ELIC Foundation and the Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation. We will be heading down to High Park for an adventurous nature walk. The topic to be discussed is Analogies with Earth where we will be discovering new things about Mother Earth and how we share more than we think with her.

We will be also doing a small Yoga relaxation workshop for children. The walk and workshop will be directed for children 5-12 years old however, families of all ages are welcome!

Important Details:

We will be meeting at the main entrance on Bloor st. at 1pm. Closest subway station is High Park.

Please bring a towel or a Yoga mat. We also suggest water and healthy snacks.

Free entry.

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