The following are some of the objectives of the ELIC Foundation:

  • Provide children with an environment conducive to the awakening of research attitudes and shaping, creativity, and the development in their aptitudes for the diverse branches of Science, Education, Philosophy, Art and Culture

  • Make use of the child’s free time and intellectual potential in order to shape them for observation, reflection, critical analysis within research and the love for truth, which is the shaping asked for by Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière.

  • Promote the development of exceptionally gifted children’s potential, surrounding them with a favourable and suitable environment for the development of their faculties, which are generally neglected and postponed, leading to the deviation of the child and to a deterioration in their conduct and efficiency.

  • Broaden children’s vision in the union of the sciences, science understood in its no-limit sense, proper of a new era, given their capacity to absorb complex structures as shown in their natural capability of learning one or more languages.

  • Study, disseminate and preserve within children the cultural, moral and spiritual identity of a wiser civilization, in favour of children and their parents or guardians.

  • Enhance the mutual communication of cultural goods amongst the children.

  • Foster within children an inclination towards teamwork.

  • Look for positive attitudes within children, now faced with an increasingly demanding and sometimes hostile environment, stimulating their ability to respond positively and have an enjoyment based on modes of recreation in life that are more constructive, intelligent and pacific, having children participate wherever possible in adult activities that are both positive and constructive, sharing these experiences and even making quality decisions.


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